Who Are We?

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) is a non-profit association that aims to promote the international exchange of information on wholesale and retail markets, with a view to improving their construction, organisation and management.

WUWM pursues its aims through: the organisation of conferences and specialised meetings; the global collection and registration of data on markets; through the publication of reports and studies; and by exchanging experience, knowledge and expertise for the overall benefit of the membership. A further WUWM objective is to pool this expertise and provide the authorities responsible for the establishment and management of new markets with the necessary professional advice.

WUWM is open to all wholesale and retail markets and/or their national and regional associations, or local authorities that own or operate wholesale and retail markets, as well as private market companies, institutes and organisations. Firms and individuals interested in wholesale and retail marketing may also become associated members.

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WUWM Mission

To promote the essential role that wholesale and retail markets play in ensuring the sustainable access, availability and distribution of a diverse variety of quality fresh food products, whilst maintaining competitive prices and the highest standards of service and food security, throughout the international community.

WUWM Goals

  1. To develop and promote the international exchange of information on wholesale and retail markets so as to improve the construction, organisation and administration of member markets;
  2. To participate in the activities and issues of wholesale and retail markets, as well as production markets or markets at point of origin;
  3. To exchange experiences, skills, knowledge and expertise for the overall benefit of the membership;
  4. To develop and promote the important relationship existing between market authorities, operators, traders and businesses on the market.

Core Strategies

  1. To establish links and develop collaboration with key-players in the international food distribution industry;
  2. To promote the wholesale and retail market role in ensuring effectiveness in the food distribution chain;
  3. To develop opportunities to increase the communication and cooperation between wholesale/retail market authorities and traders/producers/wholesalers;
  4. To support markets in facing the ongoing challenges of modernisation and service provision.

WUWM Vision

  1. To ensure that wholesale and retail markets are recognized for their important role in local, national and international food distribution chains;
  2. That WUWM be internationally recognized as the premier international organisation to support wholesale and retail market promotion and development by excellence in:
    1. Offering an efficient arena for information exchange, networking, and cross fertilization of wholesale/retail market knowledge;
    2. Helping member development in new businesses through promoting mutual links between wholesale and retail markets. Establishing contacts between importers, exporters and wholesalers of our respective markets. In brief, helping members enlarge their respective client and supply bases.
  3. To confidently contribute to the representation of the interests of wholesale and retail markets with international institutions, national and local governments. We must convincingly demonstrate and emphasize the socio-economic and environmental benefits arising through the operation of wholesale and retail markets.