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Membership Benefits

1. Profile

  • Enjoy an international profile in our Member Directory, website, monthly newsletter & communication materials;
  • Your market/company events and activities will be promoted to the global WUWM membership, associated food industry contacts & media;
  • Your voice will strengthen the sector’s collective representation and promotion of markets (and their traders) as critical positive players in food chains globally;
  • Your membership helps promote the important role and scale of wholesale and retail market activity to decision-makers at local, regional and international level;
  • Your market, local authority or national association will be internationally profiled and recognised when hosting a WUWM Conference;
  • Our annual WUWM Market Awards profile the professionalism and excellence found within member markets and the sector.

2. Access

  • Access to personal contacts: market operators, trader associations, policy/decision-makers, and other market professionals - in both the public and private sectors;
  • Access to an international market database with more than 5,000 market contacts and companies;
  • Access to consultants or potential funding partners involved in wholesale/retail market developments and related programmes;
  • Access to market information, data, research materials and studies in areas like: food hygiene, marketing, environment, logistics and other market management issues;
  • Access to information on best practice, legislation, certification and directives impacting markets, e.g. European Commission.

3. Experience Exchange

  • WUWM conferences provide an international platform for the exchange of market information and expertise, & the identification and resolution of common market issues;
  • WUWM offers members a professional ‘think tank’ to explore market issues on an individual as well as a collective basis;
  • WUWM encourages members to participate in regionalised & technical working groups in areas of wholesale and retail market management and operation;
  • WUWM offers collective representation towards the international and regional bodies determining market legislation, management support and direction;
  • WUWM offers its members technical exchange support, including opportunities to be part of the development of our good practice guides for the sector.

4. Networking

  • WUWM provides opportunities for direct networking via two annual member conferences and occasional regional/technical working group meetings;
  • The WUWM Secretariat provides contacts, information & assistance including member market visits and study tours, industry events, etc;
  • The WUWM platform provides members with opportunities to build partnerships through networking - within both the wholesale and the retail market industries;
  • WUWM provides effective networking opportunities for market operator and trader associations at the regional/international level;
  • WUWM provides opportunities for members to develop strengthened trading links between markets and countries;
  • WUWM offers a liaison between producers, distributors, suppliers and wholesalers.

5. Lobbying

WUWM is involved in representation and lobbying activities on behalf of the markets sector. Meetings with institutional and governmental representatives provide us with the opportunity to show the scale and importance of food wholesale/retail markets to the global trade of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers; as well as provide input on the legislation impacting them.


WUWM has been involved in supporting efforts to increase market visibility and representation within the United Nations (CSD), and has an active collaboration with the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) which includes supporting FAO efforts to identify expertise within the market sector.


  • DG ENTERPRISE & INDUSTRY: This forum assists the Commission with its industrial policy in the agro-food sector. WUWM is a member of the Sherpa Group and is active in several expert platforms, recommending policy measures to the “High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain”.
  • DG COMPETITION: Pursuing the need to ensure fair returns for producers, WUWM has actively contributed to EC consultations on the (2009) paper: ‘Communication on Food Prices in Europe’.
  • DG HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION: Since 2002 WUWM has worked with SANCO, primarily in our development of a Guide to Good Hygienic Practice for Wholesale Market Management in the EU. This Guide was adopted by the Commission in 2009 as a European Community Guide for the sector.
  • DG AGRICULTURE: WUWM has provided input into the consultation on the reform of the Common Market Organization (CMO) for fruit and vegetables, emphasizing the need for organizing the production of fresh fruit and vegetables in a way that provides consumers with quality product, and allows for better public nutrition through the increased consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • DG INTERNAL MARKET & SERVICES: WUWM is active in consultation on the EC retail report: “Towards a fairer and more efficient retail sector in 2020”.

WUWM is in active consultation with the European Committee of the Regions in follow-up to its opinion paper: ‘Local Food Systems’.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in receiving further information on membership to WUWM, please complete the website application form then send the questionnaire by fax or post to the WUWM Secretariat at the contact details provided below.

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For retail or wholesale market membership applications, please also complete one of the following questionnaires:

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Individual markets or market organisations directly involved in the operation and management of local-authority owned, stated-owned and/or private wholesale markets.


An ‘organisation’ which has a core business of operating retail markets. An ‘organisation’ can be a public or private retail market operator or an association of cities and/or operators.

Entities, institutes or associations (both stated-owned and/or private) that are shareholders, or representatives of wholesale/retail markets in their respective countries, both by their own initiative or competence and by delegation of competency, that are of their choosing, and according to their own local situation.

Private companies, industry associations, institutes or organisations interested in, or working with, wholesale markets.


Any other organisation that has an interest in retail markets.


Any individuals interested in, or working with, wholesale markets.


Any individual with an interest in retail markets (i.e. academics, traders, etc).


Consultant companies, associations and/or individuals that require assistance from the WUWM and/or its membership for limited-time purposes.