WUWM Retail Overview

A WUWM Retail Markets Working Group was established in 2001. The Working Group became an established part of the WUWM as it grew increasing clear that many issues relevant to wholesale markets were also relevant to retail markets.

The meetings held by the Group between 2001 and 2004 provided members with a valuable exchange of information and good practice, and laid the framework for the formalisation of retail market involvement in WUWM, which took place during the WUWM 24th Congress in Baltimore, USA in September 2005. At this event, a WUWM Retail Market Declaration was prepared outlining a concrete definition of a retail market and a formal WUWM Retail Market Section was developed. And in 2006, WUWM membership was opened to retail markets and operators.

Recognizing the contribution made by retail market operators/authorities to the markets industry, and the common agenda of many aspects of Wholesale and Retail Markets, WUWM seeks to build on the work currently being done to embrace retail markets. The WUWM Strategic Plan also incorporates retail market goals, objectives and activities designed to serve the interests of the retail market membership in WUWM and the sector in general.


WUWM Retail Market Declaration English

Declaración sobre mercados minoristas

Key objectives of the retail section

  • Information and knowledge exchange - between members, as well as with other public or private bodies;
  • To offer a strategy and comprehensive knowledge of the global retail market industry;
  • Support members in the operation and promotion of their markets;
  • Lobbying - including public/private decision-making bodies, parliamentary groups, legislators, and other market related organisations;
  • To promote and develop best practice within the retail market sector.

Retail market membership in the WUWM

  • Full Members - An 'organisation' which has a core business of operating retail markets. An 'organisation' can be a public or private retail market operator or an association of cities and/or operators.
  • Associate Members - Any other organisation that has an interest in retail markets.
  • Associate Individuals - Any individual with an interest in retail markets i.e. academics, traders, consultants, etc.

WUWM Definition of a Retail Market

The official WUWM definition of a retail market is:

"A Retail Market means those premises, often covered buildings, which unite a variety of commercial establishments and retail entrepreneurs that provide a wide commercial offer of food products of daily consumption complemented by other non-food products, and all this under a unity of management".

Current Activities

  1. A global member retail market survey was conducted. The resulting information was compiled into a WUWM Retail Market Report which provides an overview of the role and importance of our member retail markets/associations.This report is in constant development as WUWM retail membership increases, and as new information comes to hand.
  2. Additionally, a European survey compiling the following national statistics has been prepared alongside the global member report. This survey seeks to address:This information is being collected to support WUWM retail lobbying activities in Europe.
    • How many retail markets operate in each country;
    • How many market traders operate in each country (% of food and % of non-food);
    • How many people are employed in the market industry in each country (i.e. market operators, traders, cleaning/security staff, contractors, etc);
    • Total turnover of monies taken at every stall by market traders in each country.
  3. Redesigning WUWM communication vehicles (e.g. website, e-newsletter) and WUWM publications (e.g. strategic plan, generic brochures, etc) to reflect the growing involvement and importance of retail markets in WUWM;
  4. Developing national and regional relations with local government associations interested in the social and economic benefits of markets;
  5. Developing collaborative ties with other international associations interested in the food or market agenda and/or using markets to improving cities and public services;
  6. Developing the idea to have a European-wide 'Market Festival' week.
  7. Developing relations with the. European Commission and other European associations interested in the social, economic and/or environmental role and benefits of markets.

If you have an interest to become a retail member or to participate in WUWM retail activities, please contact Marina Dordic in the WUWM Secretariat.