WUWM Conference in Turin a Success

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April 24, 2007

The recent Conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) held in Turin, Italy was a resounding success, including the participation of retail and wholesale market authorities from 25 countries. Held under the general theme of "Food Centres: The global link between Producer and Consumer", conference speakers discussed issues of food chain safety and market certification, logistics in modern wholesale markets, and the use of retail markets as tools for urban regeneration. The European Section of the WUWM also discussed issues of waste management and the role of wholesale market authorities in environmental protection, as well as the WUWM Guide to Good Practice. This Guide was developed as a support tool for wholesale market authorities in the EU and is currently being developed into the European Community Guide for the sector. A WUWM Declaration resulting from this conference which calls attention to the proposed reform of the Fruit and Vegetable Common Market Organisation presented by the European Commission is attached for your attention.