WUWM 2007 Board Elections Held

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April 25, 2007

WUWM Board elections were conducted during the recent WUWM Conference which was held in Turin, Italy from 18-20 April 2007. Staggered elections are held anually for the WUWM Board, which comprises a maximum of 13 positions including a Chairman, vice-Chairman and Directors. Three Board positions formerly held by members in Italy, Spain and Australia expired in 2007, and these positions were subsequently opened to new nominees. They are now filled by representatives from China, Spain and the Czech Republic. Please find below the complete WUWM Board of Directors in follow-up to these Turin elections. Chairman: (Mandate expiry April 2008) - Donald Darnall, Baltimore, USA Vice Chairman: (Mandate expiry April 2008) - Graham H. Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom Directors: (Mandate expiry April 2008) - Ricardo Hugo Angelucci, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Michel Escoffier, Paris, France - Torben Flinch, Copenhagen, Denmark - Ottavio Guala, Turín, Italy - Rodrigo Li Guzman, San José, Costa Rica - Wolf Rohde, Hamburg, Germany - Marcel Verbelen, Brussels, Belgium - Carmo Zeitune, Sao Paulo, Brazil Directors: (Mandate expiry April 2009) - Mr Zengjun Ma, Beijing, China - Mr Manuel Estrada-Nora, Madrid, Spain - Mr Josef Podr, Prague, Czech Republic Honorary Chairmen: - Marc Spielrein, Paris, France - José Augusto Ramos Rocha, Lisbon, Portugal - Carlo Dianzani, Florence, Italy Captions: Photo (right), Mr Manuel Estrada, Madrid, Spain Photos attached: (left) Mr Josef Podr, Prague, Czech Republic and interpreter (right) Mr Zengjun Ma, Beijing, China and interpreter