Mexico City Hosts WUWM Conference in 2008

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July 26, 2007

The wholesale market of the City of Mexico (CEDA) will host the first WUWM Conference in 2008. The dates of the conference have been proposed as 21 to 25 April. Details of the theme, programme and activities will be adopted by WUWM membership during the Beijing Congress in September. Discussions will focus on the modernization of market installations, operations and security, as well as wholesale market promotional/marketing activities and ways of remaining competitive in the global market. CEDA General Director and Administrator Mr Raymundo Collins Flores and the CEDA Coordinator for Planning and Development Mr Alberto Carrasco, along with Alfredo Neme Martinez president of Tultitlan wholesale market (partner of the event), officially launched the Conference on 12 July with the WUWM Chairman and Secretary General as well as members of the press. That occasion also saw the formal signing of the WUWM-CEDA conference agreement. CEDA has been operating in its current location for the last 25 years. It is a total 327 ha in size with 304 ha dedicated to commercial activity. The annual economic turnover is 9 billion USD annually, with some 30,000 tonnes of food and related products traded daily. The market serves a population of 20 million and employs some 70,000 people.