Hamburg Wholesale Market supports street markets

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November 5, 2007

Street markets play an important role in terms of boosting economic activity inside their regions. In view of this, the Economics Ministry of the City of Hamburg, which owns Hamburg Wholesale Market for Fruit, Vegetable and Flowers, has agreed with the municipal district of Hamburg-Bergedorf that action is to be taken to preserve a viable future for the city’s street markets. An initial conference was held on the topic on 17 September 2007 to discuss what aspects should be taken into account, what instruments are available, the expectations of the consumers and other related issues. Most of the participants were either itinerant traders, business associations or the government departments that make public space available where weekly street markets can be held. The conference was also attended by several press reporters. During the conference talks were given on following topics: - Latest developments in food retailing - Development potential of street markets - The outlook for marketing regional products - Presentation of a model project from Hamburg’s outlying area to introduce a new marketing concept for street markets. The talks were followed by lively debate on the different directions in which street markets might develop. The final outcome was a consensus that one of the bodies participating in the conference, the University of Applied Sciences, should conduct a survey among residents of Hamburg-Bergedorf to discover what they want from their street markets. Those attending the conference will be contributing some questions. When the survey has been evaluated, strategy for further action will be determined. In Hamburg there are more than 100 weekly street markets 60 of which are municipal. For many years Hamburg Wholesale Market, the fresh produce centre of the North, has helped street markets grow by organizing special promotions. These emphasize the benefits of eating healthy food and the large variety of fruit and vegetables available at the markets.