Wholesale Markets at Fruit Logistica

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January 18, 2008

Several European members of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) will participate in the upcoming annual Fruit Logistica Expo to be held from 7-9 February in Berlin, Germany. For the first time, Rungis Marché International Market and Madrid International Market will share a 100m² stand in Hall 21, B-03. Managers of 11 companies trading fruit and vegetables at Rungis will promote their products, along with several from MercaMadrid. This is the first initiative implemented under the co-operation agreement signed between both markets in 2007. The Italian national market association Mercati Associati will have a display in Hall 2.2 at the Southern entrance. For several years the Italian wholesale markets have participated with a joint stand organized under the Mercati Associati umbrella, which this year is 200m2 in size. Additionally, Fedagro e Infomercati will be present with a display, and there will be individual stands from wholesale markets in the Italian cities of Turin, Bologna, Milan and Rome. As in previous years, the German National Markets Association (GFI) will unite wholesale markets from all over Germany in a 400 m² display under the GFI umbrella. This stand will be located in Hall 21, A-09. This display has become well recognised in Germany for its effective support of trader negotiations and business discussions. Next door to the GFI stand is a display featuring the Vienna Wholesale Market in Austria. Additionally, the Polish National Markets Association will be represented by the Poznan and Lodz wholesale markets with adjacent stands in Hall 1.2, A–01. A delegation from the Central European Initiatives Wholesale Market Foundation will attend with market representatives from Ukraine, Albania, Croatia, Romania, Poland and Hungary. Other WUWM members attending from Western Europe includes representatives from markets in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. While at Fruit Logistica, WUWM will take the opportunity to promote its upcoming Conference in Mexico (www.wuwmconference.org) as well as the 26th WUWM Congress which is to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in October (www.wuwmcongresscopenhagen.dk).