WUWM Secretary General visits Turkey

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January 29, 2008

WUWM Secretary General Maria Cavit recently visited the Istanbul Municipal Wholesale Market to discuss their invitation to host a WUWM Conference in the autumn of 2009. While there she visited the European side of the Istanbul Metropolitan Wholesale Market, as well as the largest retail market in the city, Çarsamba.  The Istanbul municipal market is involved in 98% of the fresh fruit and vegetable trade in Istanbul. The total income of the market management is USD 40million, with expenditure around USD 14million. The daily tonnage of fruit and vegetables entering the market (European side only) is around 8000 tonnes. The market has undergone some modernisation in recent times with regards to parking facilities, security and IT systems and providing new/improved facilities for traders. There are currently 571 wholesalers, with some 5,750 vehicles entering the market each day. A PowerPoint presentation on the market’s automation system is available in the member-only section of the WUWM website. Çarsamba Retail Market is one of the largest retail markets in Istanbul, operating every Wednesday. The market is around 420,000m2 in size, with 4,862 stalls managed by 1,293 retailers. Customers are estimated to be around 150,000 each trading day. There are a vast number of both open-air and covered municipal retail markets in Istanbul, many operating one day a week in a neighbourhood round-robin of the city.  WUWM members will be asked to vote on the venue for the autumn 2009 Conference in the membership meeting held during the Mexico Conference in April.