"Copenhagen Markets" new name of vegetable market

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February 14, 2008

The board of directors of Grønttorvet København A/S have decided to name the new vegetable market in Høje Taastrup ‘Copenhagen Markets’. The name will be the overall brand name for the new marketplace and marks the start of the completely new market of Copenhagen Markets, which will be Northern Europe’s biggest marketplace and distribution centre for flowers, flower-arranging articles, art and design and accessories and for fresh supplies of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and other food specialities. In the period 1 February – 18 April 2008, five consortia will each make a bid for the design and project management of the new market and each will submit a binding tender for the construction of Copenhagen Markets as a turnkey contract. Following an EU pre-qualification round in autumn 2007, and in cooperation with building consultants HolteProjekt, the board of directors selected the following five turnkey contractors to tender for the project: MT Højgaard a/s, Søborg DS Flexhal A/S, Hobro a/s dansk halentreprise, Horsens NCC Construction Danmark A/S, Hellerup E. Pihl & Søn A/S, Lyngby The five turnkey contractors have put together a consortium including architecture practices and logistics consultants to develop the optimum solutions for the layout and construction of the new food and flower market. In June 2008 a decision will be taken on what Copenhagen Markets will look like and how it will be laid out. This will be done when a judging panel consisting of the board of directors, management representatives and two expert judges select the best of the five turnkey projects put out to tender in the turnkey contract competition on 1 February. In April, the board of directors will choose a graphic identity for Copenhagen Markets in the form of a logo, signage etc. Two graphic artists have been invited to tender their proposals for the logo and the graphical identity which is to brand Copenhagen Markets. Thus the presentation in June 2008 will cover both drawings of the physical Copenhagen Markets and the symbols intended to reflect Copenhagen Markets' values. Negotiation of rentals is in full swing, even though Copenhagen Markets will not be opening its doors until 2011. By 1 February 2008, 44 businesses had signed an outline contract for over 26,000 square metres. The framework tenancies agreed already form the basis for a flower market and vegetable market with a comprehensive product range and a wide variety of business types to service future customers. If you would like further information about Copenhagen Markets, you are welcome to contact: mail@groenttorvet.dk or by Tel: +45 77 31 50 00 and URL: www.groenttorvet.dk Background information on the development of the new Copenhagen Markets in Høje Taastrup: In the spring of 2006, the board of directors of Grønttorvet København A/S (Vegetable Market Copenhagen) decided to look into selling its 150,000 m2 site in Valby, Copenhagen. The reason for the decision was that space at the 50 year old market in Valby had become too tight and opportunities for expansion had been used up. Meanwhile the market needed wide-ranging maintenance and modernisation work at a cost of DKK 150 m. Finally the Vegetable Market anticipated that the Copenhagen City Authorities would bring in traffic restrictions on large lorries to and from the site, thus reducing the market’s commercial potential. On 27 June 2007, the Annual General Meeting of Grønttorvet København resolved to sell the Valby site to a consortium consisting of Hoffmann Ejendomme and the Carlyle Group and to build a new, large, modern market – Copenhagen Markets – close to the Copenhagen motorway system. The new market will be constructed at Høje Taastrup Transportcenter (HTTC). The site at HTTC amounts to 220,000 m2 with an option to buy a further 43,000 m2.