Retail Markets United Globally

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January 27, 2009

The Board of Directors of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) agreed to launch the World Union of Retail Markets during a meeting held 15-16 January in the WUWM Secretariat, in The Hague, the Netherlands. The World Union of Retail Markets will operate as a Section within WUWM and is to be specifically focussed on the construction, management and organisation of retail markets - supporting retail market owners, managers and traders. This new Section in WUWM has been specifically set up to allow a focus on retail which, since 2001, is an area that has seen increasingly active support and development within WUWM due to the intrinsic links that exist in the food distribution chain between wholesale and retail markets. "We are very proud to launch this new Section of WUWM" said Graham Wallace, current WUWM Chairman and Managing Director of City Markets (Glasgow) LLP, UK. "This further supports our aim to unite the markets industry, thereby offering markets a more effective voice within the sector, as well as with decision-makers at all levels, everywhere". "Retail markets are being increasingly recognised as effective social and economic tools for those local authorities wanting to ensure effective food security and healthy local food economies" he said. A European retail market study launched by WUWM in 2008 showed that at least 25,000 markets exist within the EU alone, with more than 450,000 retail market traders operating businesses on those markets. Additionally, more than one million people are employed on EU retail markets, with the total turnover surpassing Euros 35billion. The World Union of Retail Markets section within WUWM will be chaired by Jean-Paul Auguste, President of GroupeGeraud, a 4th generation family business created in 1880 that conceives, develops, funds and manages public market facilities in partnership with local and regional public authorities in both France and the UK. "We believe the World Union of Retail Markets will be an effective force in the international promotion of the values and benefits of retail markets" said Mr Auguste. "This representation will support the ongoing existence of retail markets in service to consumers and communities, and help to ensure the livelihood of SME’s as well as market traders, well into the future". "Time and again, retail markets have proven themselves to be exceptional tools for urban regeneration" he noted. "The establishment of the World Union of Retail Markets within WUWM is both a necessary and deserved step forward in full recognition of that fact" he added.