New Copenhagen Market

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July 3, 2008

A Danish construction consortium under the leadership of E. Pihl & Søn has won the EU invitation for tenders for the development of ‘Copenhagen Markets’ in Høje Taastrup, Denmark. This market will replace the current wholesale market ‘Grønttorvet’ in Copenhagen, which is the host market for this year’s WUWM 26th Congress. When ‘Copenhagen Markets’ opens its doors to the public in 2011, it will be the largest and most dynamic marketplace and distribution centre for fresh produce, plants and flowers and applied art in Northern Europe. The construction consortium aims to develop a visionary and functional construction concept that will give the markets an identity and profile unlike any other market in Europe. ‘Copenhagen Markets’ will consist of a series of six-sided halls measuring 10,000 m2 each, combined with rhombus-shaped and three-sided halls that are joined in an architectonically innovative building complex that can be developed with a high degree of functionality. The food and flower halls will be surrounded by a wide ellipsis-shaped system of roads with easy access to a large number of ports, docks and ramps for regular and modular tractor-trailers, as well as parking lots for customers and guests of the market. Four turnkey construction consortiums took part in the EU invitation for tenders. The panel of judges deemed that the winning project stood out as a “powerful, innovative, flexible and convincing proposal for the future”, finding that tomorrow’s ‘Copenhagen Markets’ will allow for efficient and functional logistical handling of products, and an accessible trading environment rich in experience and with strong appeal for modern retailers, the catering industry, and consumer representatives. Panel judge, Julian Weyer, C.F. Møller Architects partner stated: “The six-sided structure is a very exciting idea that will fascinate both customers and other interested parties. The winning project has the potential to function as a brand for Copenhagen Markets and can be optimised to satisfy the efficiency requirements that the future tenants quite naturally have.” Copenhagen Markets Director, Torben Flinch, added: “The winning project will give our tenants at Copenhagen Markets substantial benefits in the form of more effective logistics and operations, as well as new trading opportunities. We anticipate growth in the number of companies in the future, including players with new products such as fish and meat.” Further information and a brochure (in English) on the new Copenhagen Markets is available in the member-only section of the WUWM website