Foundations Laid for New Market in Shenzhen

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July 15, 2008

Shenzen, located nearby Hong Kong in the south of China, will boast a new wholesale market 30 hectares in size, with construction due to be finished in 2010. A foundation ceremony carried out for the Shenzhen International Wholesale Market took place earlier this year. The Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen, Mr Liu Yupu, along with Mr Xu Zongheng the Mayor of the City, attended the celebrations along with national and international industry representatives. Shenzhen International Wholesale Market is a key project in the 11th national Five Year Plan, and is a national bond project supported by the Chinese State Development and Reform Commission. It aims to play a significant role in the establishment of a farm producing food safety control system in Shenzhen which seeks to guarantee consumers a sufficient supply of safe agricultural products and ensure improvement in the regions environment. Designed in cooperation with Rungis International Market in Paris, the market will rely on the convenience of Shenzhen’s foreign trade channel and focus on establishing trading halls for fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, dried foods, speciality products and non-staple foods. It will also include certified processing and distribution centres for farm production, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, boasting a modern import/export trade centre and provide facilities such as cold storage warehousing and a modern commercial zone. It is envisaged that this modern agricultural product logistics centre will be one of the largest, fastest and safest farm produce import/export trade markets in southeast China, holding to the highest level of national food safety controls, with a traceability system for product collection and distribution. Plans are for the market to enjoy the most advanced management services and for it to become an exclusive top-level wholesale market, strengthening China’s competitiveness in trading agricultural products globally. Due to its advantageous location, the Shenzhen market will become an important hub centre. Its innovative business model will help ensure an efficient flow of fruit imports and exports and provide guarantee of fruit quality. The wholesale market will directly trade with companies from the Philippines, Thailand, the USA, European Union, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as other countries and regions. Their aim is to introduce dealers and agents to imported fruits, reduce the intermediary link for fruit imports, lower circulation costs, improve circulation efficiency, and offer a variety of imported fruits of good quality and reasonable price for domestic customers. In addition, the market will ensure close cooperation with the relevant national government departments, industry associations, and local administrative organs, and link domestic fruit production areas and leading production/ processing enterprises so as to ensure traceability of port transportation and the quality of exported fruits. The market will also strengthen inspection & supervision measures on import/export agricultural products, provide a one-stop service for customs clearance, establish a food safety verification system for wholesalers and processing/distribution providers with business licenses, and promote an agricultural product recall system for wholesalers.