Lille Market Renovation

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July 15, 2008

An important renovation programme begun in 2001 designed to improve local competitiveness and provide tenants with new development opportunities is now complete on the 40ha wholesale market in Lille, France. Built in 1972, the existing buildings were enlarged in the renovations, allowing for the construction of 4000 m2 refrigerated stores. Loading refrigerated platforms have also been installed, and a totally new flower hall of 2,000 m2 has been built. This modernization project required a €17 million investment and was 40% financed by local authorities (the Municipalities of Lille, North District and Nord-Pas de Calais Region). The remaining 60% of the renovation were paid by the Lille market management company along with some 40 companies operating on the market. In 2007 Lille wholesale market operators sold 215,000 tons of food products (126,000 being imported) representing a total turnover of more than €200 million. Customers include retailers, retail markets and restaurants which come from the North Region, as well as from the northern areas of Paris, and Belgium. In 2006 the Market set up an exclusive partnership with the Institute Pasteur of Lille and local producers, with the objective of giving selected products (potatoes in particular), a recognised quality certification (ASHA) according to an agreed specifications.