E.U Commissioner Opens Food Market Congress

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August 19, 2008

The European Commissioner for Agriculture, Mariann Fischer Boel, will open the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) 26th Congress to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 1-3 October 2008. The congress, hosted by Copenhagen wholesale market, Gronttorvet Kobenhavn A/S will be held under the general theme of: Every business is a growth business as long as you know where to look! Congress discussions will focus on both current and future trends in the food and flower sectors, as well as identify the strengths and opportunities facing food markets today. Gronttorvet Kobenhavn Managing Director and WUWM Board member Torben Flinch notes: "Our aim with this congress is to strengthen the ties and interchange of experience between food market management all over the world. We also look to promote the many commercial benefits of food markets: the fact that we offer clusters of small and large wholesalers a united platform from which to competitively sell a large variety of goods, allowing their customers the convenience of quality one-stop shopping." WUWM Chairman, Graham Wallace comments further: "Wholesale and retail food markets have the opportunity during this congress to demonstrate their usefulness and worth to local economies in this global era of challenging food shortages, price increases, and threats to sustainability and environment. The true socio-economic value of food markets to communities, cities and food producers was unfortunately ignored by many over past years. However that situation is changing fast as decision-makers everywhere once again begin to realise their importance to a wide range of local services and businesses, as well as to consumers in general. Municipal markets, unlike many large retail food stores, add value in a multitude of ways, especially when given the proper recognition, support and resources with which to operate successfully and competitively." "Food markets are also vital tools in the current challenge to improve public health by increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables" he adds. Congress key-note speaker Henning Otte Hansen, Senior Advisor for the Institute of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen will precede Philip Binard, Secretary General of Freshfel Europe and Steve Davies, Senior Vice President for Project for Public Spaces (PPS) in the first session discussing global trends and opportunities. They will be joined by speakers from more than 15 countries discussing issues related to leadership, management and strategy; sustainability in markets; innovation and technology; and the food market of tomorrow. A Congress Fair will also be held during the event so exhibitors and speakers may have opportunities for one-to-one market discussions and direct networking possibilities. Additionally, this congress will see the winners of the WUWM 2008 Wholesale Market Awards announced, and will coincide with the Copenhagen wholesale market's celebration of its 50th anniversary. The WUWM 26th congress website: www.wuwmcongresscopenhagen.dk provides all necessary details for on-line registration and logistics.