WUWM Awards Market Excellence

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October 17, 2008

The recent WUWM 26th Congress in Copenhagen was the venue for announcing the winners of the WUWM 2008 Wholesale Market Awards. Submissions were received throughout the year from member markets in the three categories of: Community Support, Market Innovation and Environmental Sustainability. The winners are detailed here below: The Hamburg Wholesale Market in Germany received the WUWM Award for Market Innovation. The jury awarded the prize on the strength of three new innovative facilities on the market: a German Additives Museum which opened in the spring of 2008, a SCOLAB schools laboratory, and a pesticides laboratory which opened in June 2007. This award was open to markets that had implemented innovations that demonstrably supported and improved their market’s construction, management or organisation. Hamburg Wholesale Market’s three progressive concepts impressed the judges, especially in the areas of marketing and promotional benefits, as well as increasing the market's competitiveness. "We are very proud to have received this award" said Torsten Berens, Managing Director of Hamburg Wholesale Market on accepting the award. "We hope that these still rather new facilities will make a significant contribution to the protection and education of consumers." The WUWM Award for Community Support went to Garak Wholesale Market in Seoul, Korea. The judges found this Market’s community support programme most impressive and wide-ranging covering various community education services, a number of social contributions to rural communities, a trader-market employee sponsored "Neighbours in Need" programme, and a Green Market Festival which annually feeds upwards of 5,000 people. The WUWM Award for Environmental Sustainability was given to Sydney Markets in Australia for their impressive environmental sustainability activities including waste management, energy savings, and water saving programmes. The market’s carbon footprint has been reduced by 10% through improved waste diversions and initiatives – savings on energy, water; waste diversions, and waste recycling. Additionally, the New Spitalfields Market in London, UK was awarded a "Highly Commended" in this category due to its impressive programme and the enormous work that has been done over the past two years in environmentally managing its waste disposal. The five judges for the WUWM 2008 Wholesale Market Awards were: Mr Edward Seidler, Senior Officer in the Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division of FAO, Italy; Mr Stephen C. Davies, Senior Vice President, Project for Public Spaces (PPS), USA; Dr John Mann, retired Superintendent of Smithfield Market in London and Honorary WUWM Member; Mr Bruno Christensen, CEO of the Retail Institute of Scandinavia in Denmark; and Maria Cavit, WUWM Secretary General. Pictured(from left to right): David Smith, Corporation of London Head of Markets, alongside Brad Latham and John Pearson of Sydney Markets Ltd, during the WUWM Awards Ceremony which was held on 1 October at the Copenhagen City Hall in Denmark.