WUWM Wholesale Market Survey Results

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November 13, 2008

One of the overriding aims of WUWM is to promote the importance of wholesale and retail markets to the food sector. Ensuring our ability to present the true size, scope and range of activities undertaken by our members to decision-makers at the national, regional and international level is therefore vital in reinforcing the important contributions markets make to their local economies and communities. A recent WUWM report on the importance of wholesale markets in food distribution utilised 2006 data from 137 responding member markets, of which 99 operate within EU member states. The figures showed that those markets alone cover some 5,666 hectares, daily receive 550,000 visitors, and serve 20% of the world’s population. The total turnover of those market operators is over 55 billion Euros, the marketed quantities over 54 million tonnes. About 45 people are employed per hectare on these wholesale markets and turnover is more than Euro 76,000. More than 70% of those members are seen as providing a public service - even though just 50% of these markets belong to the public sector. Now, more than ever, markets are providing that much needed ‘added value’ as mechanisms for public good. The total investments made by member wholesale market management companies during the 2000-2006 period was Euro 1,336,540,000 - the majority of this being used for maintenance, upgrading of buildings, environmental services, new business attraction, and improving efficiency for wholesalers. If you would like to read all the preliminary results of this WUWM member study, please visit the WUWM website member-only section to download a copy in either English or Spanish. A French translation will be added shortly also.