New Information & Communication Technology Survey

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March 5, 2009

A first-ever wholesale market management / wholesale market trader survey assessing the take-up and use of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) is currently being undertaken with the assistance of the French Federation of National Wholesale Markets (FFMIN) and the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM). The aims of the survey are to: • Measure the progress of wholesale market management take-up and use of NICT in the most common domains of IT associated with modern communication resources (Internet, telephone, etc). • Better understand the use of the Internet within enterprises (consultation, creation of web sites, etc) and analyse ICT tools used as part of management activities. • Analyse the service levels proposed for market operators • Detect opportunities for creating an e-business platform. • The survey consists of 20 precise questions and takes just 5 minutes to complete. It is available in English, French, Spanish or German. The questionnaire is accessible on line via the website: Whether you are a wholesale market manager or trader, please take the time to go on-line and complete this questionnaire, and support these efforts to understand wholesale market-based IT information and services!