New Chairman Urges Increased Market Co-operation

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September 22, 2010

Torben Flinch, the Managing Director of Copenhagen Markets in Denmark has succeeded Graham Wallace, Managing Director of City Markets (Glasgow) LLP as Chairman of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM). The succession took place during the WUWM annual general meeting which was held during the WUWM Conference in Palma de Mallorca, Spain from 14-17 September. Flinch thanked Wallace for his contribution to the WUWM over the previous two and a half years. He informed that, under Wallace’s leadership, the WUWM had successfully improved its international profiling of the markets sector, better promoting the full range of benefits that wholesale and retail markets bring to local economies and communities - facts that have not always been well understood outside the sector. Flinch informed the 205 delegates participating in the conference from 30 countries, of his desire to focus on several key areas during his upcoming two and a half year mandate, including increasing the financial and technical resources of the association, developing and strengthening the organisation’s regional work groups, developing the integration between wholesale and retail markets, supporting activities for the further implementation of the WUWM guide to good hygienic practices in member markets, continuing collaboration with SANCO and other departments of the European Commission, and mobilising the capabilities of members in key areas of common concern and action. Flinch noted: “Co-operation is vital if we want to remain competitive and provide our wholesalers with the best opportunities to confidently develop and expand their businesses, both now and in the future. Key-lessons can be found at both the strategic as well as the operational level”. “In responding to the current trends affecting our businesses, we have had to continue to be flexible and adaptable, increasing our marketing and ensuring customer accessibility. As modern logistical platforms, these developments have succeeded in pushing markets further along the route of providing increased added-value services” he noted. “Additionally, if we are to compete successfully it is of paramount importance that market operators develop increased possibilities for new wholesalers and entrepreneurs to enter, participate and successfully compete in the sector”. “It is therefore vital that the individual manager participates in the market scene internationally in order to be able to see that wholesale markets everywhere are a continually developing business concept very much in demand” he concluded. Flinch will be supported by the current vice Chairman-elect, Manuel Estrada-Nora, the International Director of Mercasa, the Spanish national wholesale market association. Estrada-Nora will be formally elected as vice-Chair during the 27th WUWM Congress, which will be hosted by the Istanbul Municipal Market in Istanbul, Turkey from 10-13 May 2011.