Asia-Pacific Meets Again in China

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November 5, 2010

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Wholesale Market Conference / 4th Chinese Agro-Product Trading Fair is to be held in Wenling China from 16 -18 December 2010. Under the guidance of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the conference will be co-hosted by the WUWM Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group (APRG), the Chinese Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA), and the Taizhou Municipal Government. Held under the theme ‘Asia-Pacific Cooperative Market Innovation’, heads of large agricultural wholesale markets, governmental authorities, industry organizations and agro-product producers and distributors from Asia-Pacific countries will attend the conference to discuss the innovation of an Asia-Pacific Wholesale Market Cooperative System and a low-carbon logistics and green supply chain. Additionally, the WUWM Asia-Pacific Regional Work Group will bring together the region’s WUWM membership for a two hour meeting during this event, to review 2010 activities and map out a work-plan for 2011. The 4th Chinese International Agro-product Trading Fair will be held at the same time as this CAWA conference, during which over 1,000 displays will be set up in an exhibition centre. This trading fair will gather together representatives from all areas of the agro-product chain into one exhibition.