New Food Culture Strategy for Helsinki Market

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January 26, 2011

In line with a new food culture strategy developed in the City of Helsinki, Finland, a Department for Market Halls and Market Squares was founded by the Helsinki Wholesale Market on 1 January 2011. The strategy defines the development of market halls and market squares as one of its core objectives. This new strategy also supports improvements to the historical center of Helsinki Wholesale Market in order to provide better service to consumers. The Helsinki Wholesale Market has started to develop the historical center in partnership with Sitra, a Finnish Innovation Fund. The area is to be renovated into a center for food culture and tourism, food education, as well as being a food trade center for consumers. Other areas of the wholesale market will continue to serve wholesale customers. As many customers of the wholesale market are already traders in market halls and market squares, another aim of the strategy is to achieve increased synergy from this fact and discover new administrative advantages. “The management of Helsinki Market has long-term experience and insight into food entrepreneurship which benefits this process enormously” says Helsinki Market’s managing director Mr Timo Taulavuori. On 12 January the Helsinki Wholesale Market arranged a briefing with traders from the market hall and market squares. “We shall evolve the operations on the basis of the feedback we received then from the merchants”, informs Taulavuori. “One of the main goals with regards to this historical centre development is to create vivid and ecologically sustainable functions that can support operations in our market halls and squares”. A recent workshop arranged by Sitra established new ideas to further progress the role of Helsinki Wholesale Market as a primary Finnish center for good food. The market’s renovation process will begin in 2012.