Official Opening of the New Mercasalamanca Market

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October 30, 2009

The official opening of the new Mercasalamanca market took place on 27 October supported by the President of the Castilla y León region, Mr Juan Vicente Herrera. Over 200 people attended the event which was hosted by the Mayor of Salamanca and Mercasalamanca Administration Board President Julian Lanzarote, and Mercasa President Ignacio Cruz. The investment An investment of 56 million euro was made in the new market. Some 10 million was publicly funded, with 16million of private funds and the remainder from Mercasalamanca. Over the next four years the investment will exceed 108 million euros. The market’s location is of high importance, placed in a communication junction next to a major highway network which will benefit the transportation of goods. This is also an important logistics area for the Northeast Spanish Region and for commercial relations with Portugal. The Food Unit The new food unit is 255,000 m² including the wholesale market with a F&V Hall, all-purpose warehouse, an empty container warehouse and an administrative building. There are also warehouses on site for other players in the food industry. The F&V hall has 25 wholesalers and 8 producers. The all-purposes warehouse has 5 fish and 8 meat stalls. The administrative building houses the offices of the market, logistics offices, banks and other commercial premises. The new market was built in line with optimization and energy saving criterion, with both pavilions boasting industrial cooling systems. The sector has expressed much interest in the new market, with recent visits made by market professionals from both Spain and abroad.