WUWM Definition of a Retail Market

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March 17, 2011

Since 2009 the World Union of Wholesale Markets has been active in lobbying the European Commission in order to bring about an increased understanding by decision-makers, of the role and importance of the retail market sector to European economies and communities.
One of the first issues to be identified during these consultaitons, was the need to clearly define a retail market. Please find below the formal WUWM definition of a retail market in English and Spanish. Other language definitions will follow in the future.
"A Retail Market means those premises, often covered buildings, which unite a variety of commercial establishments and retail entrepreneurs that provide a wide commercial offer of food products of daily consumption complemented by other non-food products, and all this under a unity of management".
"Mercados Minoristas son aquellas instalaciones, habitualmente edificios cubiertos, que reúnen a una pluralidad de establecimientos comerciales y empresarios minoristas que ofrecen una amplia oferta comercial de productos alimentarios de consumo diario complementados por otros productos no alimentarios, y todo ello bajo una unidad de gestión".
Please also find below a copy of a recent WUWM paper supporting the European retail market sector. This was submitted to representatives of the DG for Market & Internal Services in follow-up to the current consultation on "Towards a Fairer and More Efficient Retail Sector in 2020", and also a copy of the WUWM contribution to the European Commission Hearing on Sustainable Food (October 2012) with annex (possible initiatives).