Hamburg Market to Host Harley Event

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March 29, 2010

Up to 600,000 people are expected to attend a Harley Davidson annual European festival to be held on the Hamburg Market from 25-27 June 2010. Some 50,000 bikers from all over Europe alongside tens of thousands of spectators are expected to visit the market over the festival weekend. A large music stage and a ‘biker’s bar’ will offer music and entertainment, along with professional stunt- and dragster shows. The famous Harley Davidson ride-in bike show will also be held in the Mönckebergstraße in the city centre on 26 June and the final parade starting from the market on Sunday 27th. The Hamburg Harley Days® are not only the biggest inner-city motorcycle festival in Europe, but also an important crowd-puller for the city of Hamburg. Several authorized Harley dealers and customizers will present their products and works in a large exhibition in the market grounds, and some of the Hamburg Market’s traders will also be present, selling fresh produce to the festival participants. Hamburg Market’s managing director, Torsten Berens (pictured), is very excited to be the venue host for such a large and prestigious event. "It will bring substantial additional income into the market - not only in terms of the market’s management authority, but also for some of the market traders themselves," he informed. "Additionally, it will ensure important publicity for the market, not only related to the event sector, but also with regards to the general public and local decision-makers." "While it will be challenging for the market management to deal with all the associated logistical issues such as transport flows, the success of this 2010 festival will help pave the way forward for it to be biennially hosted here on the market in future", he said. "That would be excellent news for the market as well as our traders".