Bremen Wholesale Market Begins Solar Project

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June 21, 2010

The management of Bremen wholesale market has decided to lease 50,000 m² of its roof area to an investor who will use it to build solar roofing to produce climate-protecting energy. The project will begin operations on 30 June 2010. This solar project aims to use the wholesale market’s roofing to produce 1 megawatt of energy per year, feeding into the public energy network. It also represents a saving in carbon dioxide of about 900 tons a year... the equivalent to a freight train carrying seven wagons of coal. This photovoltaik roof is the biggest in Bremen, with the project investment reaching some 3,4 million Euros. Apart from the financial benefits of leasing the roof area, Uwe Kluge, managing director of Bremen wholesale market notes there are many other good reasons as well. “For us it is a contribution we support with pleasure. Our customers who are working in the freshness and food industry will honour this engagement also” he said. According to Bremen Senator, Martin Günthner (Economy and Harbour), the Bremen market is demonstrating a strong leadership in initiating such an environmental project. With solar energy clearly the future, he has added his support to the Bremen wholesale market change to renewable energy noting that it sends clear, strong signals to other businesses throughout the region. For more information please visit the Bremen Market website link below.