Hamburg Market Hosts 600,000 Visitors

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July 20, 2010

More than half a million Harley-Davidson fans, including 50,000 bikers, gathered on-site at Hamburg Wholesale Market during the last weekend of June to celebrate the annual Hamburg Harley Days® event. The logistics of the event presented the wholesale market management with a huge challenge, with re-routing bikers and visitors so as not to disrupt normal trading a top priority and requirement. To support efforts, sign-posted routes were set up to channel the visitors and regulate market traffic. Torsten Berens, Managing Director of Hamburg Wholesale Market, reports that the event worked out well for all parties. “So far no-one has complained to us of serious disruptions to regular trading. We are pleased that 600,000 visitors have had an opportunity to see the wholesale market site close up. It is part of our reasoning to use these special events to increase the market profile with consumers”, he said. The impact of the event is now being assessed with the businesses operating on the wholesale market soon to give their opinion as to how large-scale events can be most compatible with the requirements of market traders. Mr Berens concludes: “Much as we would like to open up the market to the consumer, the most important consideration is that of ensuring trade does not suffer.” Hamburg Wholesale Market is the northern Germany centre for fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Some 400 firms employ a total of 2,400 people on this market site. More information is available by visiting the Hamburg Makret website link below.