Online Shopping at Joburg Market

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August 31, 2010

With an eye to increased competitiveness, Joburg Market has explored ways to enhance its national and global reach becoming the first South African produce market to offer international buyers the opportunity to place online orders, view prices, grading and sizes, and choose a preferred shipping method virtually, without the buyer having to visit the market. Select traders have now trialled the system and are welcoming the initiative, delighted that they no longer have to leave their office or home to access good quality produce from the market. Additionally, the on-line system allows for secure shopping without the need to divulge personal financial details, also supporting buyers in neighbouring countries and beyond, who until now had to personally shop at the market - or appoint a local agent to buy on their behalf. The online ordering system is mainly aimed at international bulk buyers. Phase two of the project will see the system made available in French and Portuguese. The online shopping link is available on the Joburg Market website: by clicking on the online shopping logo (pictured) on the home page.