WUWM 2010 Market Award Winners Announced

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September 21, 2010

Fifteen wholesale and retail markets from 9 countries recently competed for a place in the World Union of Wholesale Market (WUWM) 2010 Awards. The awards were held to the theme of “Excellence in Developing the Link between Wholesale and Retail Markets”, reviewing the ways that WUWM member markets support, develop and emphasise the business of their traders whilst promoting the opportunities that exist for wholesale and retail markets to work together in tackling common issues. The winning markets were presented in a ceremony held prior to the closing dinner of the annual WUWM Conference which was hosted by Mercasa and the Mercapalma in the city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain from 14-17 September. The ceremony saw the participation of Mrs Aina Calvo the Mayoress of Palma, and Francesca Vives the Councillor of Commerce & Industry for the Balearic Islands government. The awards judging panel included the participation of Bob Penter, Membership Executive of Fresh State Ltd, Australia; Andrew Shepherd, Senior Marketing Officer and Leader of Market Linkages & Value Chains Group in the FAO, Italy; and Jose Augusto Ramos Rocha, a WUWM Honorary Chairman from Lisbon, Portugal. The market to win gold was the Spanish wholesale market of the city of Zaragoza – Mercazaragoza. This is a 38year old market with an annual turnover (2009) of Euro 12,900,000 and 173,632 tonne. Mercazaragoza is a 750,000 m2 market providing premises to 140 businesses selling fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, serving 3,000 customers daily. Mercazaragoza was awarded gold in recognition of the success of several initiatives designed to strengthen the competitiveness of the Zaragoza retail market sector and, in particular, the implementation of a joint wholesale/retail market label campaign. Silver was awarded to the wholesale market of the city of Duisburg, Germany for its joint marketing concept - the ‘My Retail Market Campaign’ - which has united 204 wholesale and retail markets and 4,500 traders across 20 cities of the country. The campaign has been effective in bringing more support for markets from government, increased value for consumers, and a consolidation of relations with other major sector players. FrischeKontor Duisburg is a public wholesale market that was established in 1895. The market is situated on 32 ha, with an annual turnover of 100,000 ton of fruit, vegetables and fish. The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) was awarded the bronze for its part in achieving recognition and support for markets within the UK. NABMA has been an important player in successfully highlighting the market industry’s roles and needs in the country, achieving an all-party political framework that supports sector integration, sponsoring a comprehensive policy and research review of retail markets in the UK, and developing effective market strategies that should help secure the future of the market industry in the country. Two certificates of merit were also awarded, the first of these going to Mercacordoba in Spain for its pioneering work uniting wholesalers and retailers in a local food trade initiative. The second merit certificate was awarded to the Evergreens Retail Market in Pretoria, South Africa. A private retail market operating within a public wholesale market, this dynamic retail market provided evidence of the power that results from wholesale and retail food markets joining core business and values together. Caption (from left to right): David Smith, Head of Markets, Corporation of London on behalf of Nabma, UK; Carlos Pérez Anadón Mercazaragoza Vicepresident and Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza, Spain; and Peter Joppa, Managing Director, FrischeKontor Duisburg, Germany.