WUWM Represents the Retail Market Sector

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November 8, 2010

Recently the European Commission (EC) organised a conference in Brussels entitled: “Towards fairer and more efficient retail services for 2020”. It aimed to give major stakeholders in the retail sector the opportunity to express their views. Representing the interests of more than 25,000 retail markets in Europe, the retail section of WUWM was happy to be invited to send a representative to participate in this conference, and to have the added opportunity to provide written feedback to the content of the Commission’s report (as circulated to consultative bodies in early July 2010.) This EC conference included discussions on accessibility to affordable retail services, access to different retail outlets, commercial property and urban planning, sustainable retail solutions and consumer choice, as well as issues related to the social challenges facing the retail sector. This acknowledgement of WUWM and recognition of the importance of retail markets to the European retail sector assures us of continued dialogue with the EC’s Internal Market & Services DG, and serves to complement WUWM’s existing (wholesale) consultations with DG Agriculture, DG Health and Consumer Protection, DG Competition, and DG Enterprise. We celebrate the fact that both wholesale and retail markets are now actively involved in, and consulted on, matters of importance to the future wellbeing of both sectors in the European Union, and look forward to seeing continued progress as a result.