WUWM Members Support Ukrainian Market Meeting

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November 4, 2010

In early October a programme of activities for the development of wholesale markets in the Ukraine was initiated in Odessa. Hosted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission DG Enlargement Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) programme, meetings were held in the city of Odessa. Several of the international speakers invited to participate on the programme, which aimed to discuss the implementation of a Ukrainian wholesale market development programme, were WUWM members from Poland, France and Spain. A proposed project investment plan, business plan and draft design were also presented to the conference by private investors and local authorities. The Seminar was held under the title: “Workshop on the study of the experience of EU countries in the direction of development of wholesale markets and the creation of logistical centres of agricultural production”. It was opened by the Head of the Kherson Oblast State Administration, Mr Mykola Kostyak. Ukrainian participants presented initiatives, alongside others from local entrepreneurs and authorities. The meeting was widely covered by local and regional newspapers and television, with a press conference also held during the event.