WUWM Board Meets in Review of Strategic Plan

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January 27, 2011

The WUWM Board of Directors recently met for its annual meeting in The Hague, the Netherlands. During this two day event the Board took the opportunity to review the strategic plan and direction of the WUWM, reviewing also the programme of activities for 2011 and beyond. The Board considered in their strategic deliberations the input received from members (55%) responding to the member survey distributed by the Secretariat in late 2010. Their focus was primarily aimed at securing new benefits for members, especially as regards technical information exchange and dissemination. Attention was also given to the programme themes and speakers for the upcoming 2011 WUWM conferences to be held in Istanbul, Turkey (May) and Shenzhen, China (October). More information on the results of this meeting will be given to members in the coming period.