WUWM 27th Congress Explores East/West Links

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February 7, 2011

The 27th Congress of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 10-13 May 2011. Held under the theme: “Globalising Wholesale Markets: Ensuring Demand and Supply between East and West”, delegates from over 35 countries will explore issues such as food hygiene, certification, transportation, new market planning, and logistical processes on the market. Istanbul Wholesale Market Director Mr Bayram Ali ÇAKIROGLU is enthusiastic that the market of the city of Istanbul will host this prestigious event. It is hoped the congress will also serve as a platform that brings the management of fresh produce wholesale markets throughout Turkey more closely together, perhaps igniting the establishment of a national wholesale market managers association. This would further unite and support Turkish market professionals in the fresh produce sector. “Istanbul has been a vital centre for trade and distribution since the mid 16th century” informs ÇAKIROGLU. “Subsequently the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is well placed to show the world the Turkish wholesale and retail tradition in fresh food marketing and distribution” he concludes. The WUWM congress will be hosted by the Istanbul Market in close cooperation with Istanbul University. The University is currently involved in a modernisation programme for the market which is itself split in two – boasting premises in both the eastern and the western parts of the city. A daily average of 8000 vehicles enter the market which houses some 864 large companies trading alongside hundreds of smaller traders, as well as some large and small supermarket companies. There is a daily circulation of 50,000 metric ton of fruit and vegetables, with 97% of the products entering into the wholesale market of domestic origin. Over 20,000 people are employed on the market (both sides). “Our guests will not only be treated to important technical presentations and an in-depth exchange of ideas vital for the sector, but they will also have the opportunity to visit major market areas and explore Turkish cuisine and culture” notes ÇAKIROGLU. “Moreover, this congress will provide an excellent opportunity for any professionals wishing to establish new business contacts, either locally or internationally” he said. If you would like more information on this 27th WUWM Congress please contact the WUWM Secretariat, or visit the congress website at www.wuwm-istanbul2011.org which is avaialble by clicking the link below.