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July 20, 2011

The next WUWM Conference will be held in Shenzhen, China from 18-21 October 2011. This event is hosted by SZAP, the Shenzhen Agricultural Products Co Ltd, please read the invitation letter from SZAP Chairman Mr Shaoqun Chen below. Registration is now open to delegates by visiting: ****** Dear WUWM Members and Guests, It is a great honour for SZAP to make our contribution to strengthen the ties amongst the WUWM membership throughout the world by hosting the 2011 WUWM Conference in Shenzhen, China in the coming October. The Shenzhen Conference, with the theme of “Global Collaboration: the Future Markets”, will provide a platform for wholesale and retail markets all over the world to communicate, discuss, and explore topics of cooperation between markets and wholesalers, changes needed to adapt to the new social and economic climate, and strategies to handle challenges from competitors in the fresh produce distribution sector. The Shenzhen Conference will also help find the key of cooperation between markets from China and their international peers. Shenzhen is a young, dynamic and innovative coastal city featuring a unique combination of Chinese and Western culture. Shenzhen's hospitality, rich humanities, scenic tourist attractions, and thoughtful reception will undoubtedly bring your trip to the Shenzhen Conference into a beautiful and unforgettable experience. It is our great pleasure to invite you all to participate in this important event. Shaoqun Chen, SZAP Chairman