CAWA organizes a 25th WUWM Congress meeting

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December 1, 2006

CAWA recently convened a Chinese 25th WUWM Congress Meeting within Xin Fa Di Wholesale Market in Beijing. The event was chaired by CAWA President Mr Zengjun Ma and the chairmen of Xin Fa Di wholesale market, Shun Xin Shi Men wholesale market, Jin Xiu Da Di wholesale market, and the Beijing Central Agricultural Wholesale Market. More than sixteen wholesale markets in the Beijing area attended this meeting where suggestions regarding the speakers and content of the congress sessions were discussed. The WUWM Congress to be held in Beijing from 3-6 September 2007 will allow China the opportunity to inform about the country’s newly developed agricultural market index system, and to present an exhibition that will promote traditional Chinese food products and artifacts. The exhibition will also provide information on the operations of hundreds of wholesale markets around the country. Further information on registering to attend this event will be provided shortly