London Markets Join Forces in Dumping Crack Down

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December 15, 2006

London’s three horticultural wholesale markets have joined forces to reduce still further the dumping of unsaleable produce on their markets. With the cost of landfill increasing the three markets decided to tackle the problem at source by imposing hefty fines on anyone dumping produce on their markets. All three markets have imposed a £500 fine for dumping produce this will be reduced to between £50 and £70 if the produce is taken directly to the market recycling compound. The money generated by these fines will help fund a research project looking at ways of improving waste management for the three markets. Bob Marlow, General Manager Western International Market explained: “The waste charges and fines have the full support of our tenants and we have been operating this system for a few months and there has been a marked reduction of product dumped. We know that charges and green taxes for waste are going to increase so we need to take action now to help keep the financial burden on our tenants to a minimum’. “Tenant co-operation is the key in tacking waste reduction and recycling.’ said Ken Alexander, Superintendent New Spitalfields. ‘Separating waste at the point it becomes waste can help increase the volumes going to recycling and ensure that recycling is cost effective. Through joint efforts between the tenants and the market operators, plus some limited investment in equipment, we have all seen increases in the volumes of waste cardboard that is being recycled. We also send waste produce either for animal feed or composting.” Jan Lloyd from NCGM added: “ We are keen to raise the quality perception of the produce available – not only is there a much wider range of produce available than in the supermarkets but it is of increasingly high quality, as demands from Food Service continue to raise standards. Large scale dumping of poor grade produce is a thing of the past and we want to keep it that way” As well as presenting a united front to cut down on dumping, the three markets have formed a joint working group to look at other initiatives aimed at reducing costs and increasing the amount of waste that they can recycle. By working together the markets are able to benchmark their current operations as well as assess the new technologies available. With costs for waste management increasing the three markets are determined to tackle the issue at source and to present a united front by saying: ‘Don’t Dump on us’ Contacts: Helen Evans, Covent Garden Market Authority T 020 7501 3487 E Bob Marlow, Western International Market E Ken Alexander, New Spitalfields Market T 0208 518 7670 E Note to Editors: The three markets together generate some 520 tonnes a month of organic waste which goes to animal feed or composting and around 240 tonnes a month of cardboard for recycling.