WUWM Retail Work Team Meets in Hamburg

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December 19, 2006

The WUWM retail market work team met together on 14 and 15 December 2006, hosted by the Hamburg Market in Germany. This team is chaired by Paul Westley, Retail President of the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA). Team members present at the meeting included Jean-Paul Auguste and Frederic Bonnet, Groupe Geraud, France/UK; Wolf Rohde and Torsten Berens, Hamburg Market, Germany; Graham Wallace, Glasgow Markets, UK; Nick Rhodes, Leicester Market, UK; and Maria Cavit. Discussion focussed on the results of the recent WUWM retail market questionnaire. Responses were received from national associations or individual markets within 13 WUWM member countries. Respondents provided valuable information on retail market ownership, infrastructure, management, economics, distribution, turnover and collaboration interest which will help WUWM prepare a strong knowledge base on the international retail market sector. A copy of this draft report will be made available to members in early January, and WUWM members are urged to participate in this information gathering activity if they have not already done so. It was agreed that this detailed report will be further developed throughout 2007, in conjunction with the production of a more targeted analysis which can be used in more immediate lobbying activities. The team also discussed future collaboration with key retail players to increase the profile of retail markets throughout the world; increasing the retail market presence within WUWM; strengthening lobbying activities; pursuing the idea of a European Market Week campaign; and defining the 2007 retail activities to be undertaken by the Union. The retail work team was treated to a Thursday evening visit to the Hamburg Christmas Markets: five popular markets that span some 4km within the city centre. On Friday evening the team also participated in the official opening ceremony of the new HQL Logistics Centre at Hamburg Wholesale Market. Additional photos are available in the link below.