WUWM 25th Congress in China

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February 13, 2007

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) will hold its 25th Congress in Beijing, China from 3-6 September 2007. Hosted by the Chinese National Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA), the main theme of the Congress is: The emerging strategic role of modern food markets in the global food supply chain. Congress plenary discussions include the following sub-themes: 1. The Impact of Global Food Supply Trends on Food Markets; 2. National Strategies Enabling Modern Food Markets to Meet the Challenges of the Global Food Supply Chain; 3. China's Food Market Strategies: National Policy, Successful Implementation and China's Food Market to Foreign Food Market Business Opportunities; 4. The Role of Modern Food Market Management in Promoting International Trade; 5. Cooperative Strategies: Wholesale and Retail Markets Working Together to Achieve a Competitive Advantage; 6. New Development in Food Market Operations: Information Exchange and Success Stories. WUWM Chairman Donald Darnall recently paid a second visit to Beijing, China in support of Congress preparations. To coincide with his visit, Mr. Zengjun Ma the CAWA Chairman invited local experts to discuss issues specific to the Chinese wholesale market sector. Discussions were held regarding the establishment of an information network of wholesale market managers in different countries to promote global trader cooperation and trade. This project has the important potential to improve international trade between WUWM member markets, an area of work that WUWM intends to develop together with CAWA in the future. The congress programme is designed to obtain the maximum value from the conference discussions - not only for the international delegates that will be attending this event from around the world, but also for the more than 500 Chinese delegates it is estimated will be present for the event. During his visit to Beijing, the WUWM Chairman met with Mr. Yu Yang, the Chairman of Beijing Glorious Land Agricultural Co. Ltd, visiting this 300+ hectare wholesale market and logistics centre. Prior to his departure from China, Mr Darnall paid tribute to the work of the Mr Ma and his staff (pictured), and reconfirmed the WUWM commitment to supporting the first ever WUWM congress to be held in Asia.