Turkish Fruit & Vegetable Sector Unites at HALSER

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April 25, 2012

The HALSER Fair will be held between 24-26 May 2012 in the Istanbul Wholesale Market. In follow-up to the positive response received from the first HALSER Fair which was organized in May 2011 during the WUWM 27th Congress, this second event will also be held within the Istanbul Wholesale Market. The HALSER Fair is supported by the Directorate of the Wholesale Market of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), the trader associations: TUSEMKOM, AYMESKIAD, ISMEYDER, and the Antalya Exporters Union. The fair will bring together major players in the packaging, logistics, and transportation (both export and logistics) sectors. The exhibition will last 3 days with nationwide participation from Turkish companies as well as extensive representation from abroad expected.