Poznan Welcomes the World of Market Management

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September 6, 2012

The next annual WUWM Conference is to be held in Poznan, Poland from 12-14 September 2012. For registration and logistical information please visit the website: www.wuwmconference.org. Mr Grzegorz Hempowicz, President of the Poznan Market (WGRO S.A.)welcomes you as follows, and a copy of the speaker line-up is attached below: Dear WUWM Members and Guests It is a great honour for Wielkopolska Gildia Rolno-Ogrodnicza S.A. (WGRO S.A.), as host of this WUWM Conference, to contribute to strengthening the co-operation and information exchange among WUWM members and the wholesale market sector in general – an honour that also coincides with the 20th Anniversary of our wholesale market’s operational history. We hope the Conference theme “Wholesale Markets: The Platform for Business Partnering” will contribute to the creation and strengthening of relations among wholesale markets and their operators, wholesale markets and retail markets, as well as between wholesale markets around the world. It is our desire that this Conference provides a professional platform for the effective exchange of opinion and ideas among participants, and that it will enable us to find new possibilities for development and co-operation. This in turn will enable market players to respond more quickly, both nationally and regionally, to the social, economic and competitive changes brought about by globalisation. It will also enable markets to adapt more quickly to trends, and will allow for an efficient preparation and implementation of strategies that can assist markets to meet the challenges from competitors in the fresh produce sector. We sincerely hope you will accept this invitation to participate in this WUWM 2012 Conference in Poznañ. I am convinced that the strong gathering of expertise and knowledge of wholesale market representatives from around the world affords us a broader view of the business partnering issues within wholesale markets, and I believe that this Conference will be an opportunity for each participant to present his ideas, share his experience, and to establish fruitful business co-operation. I hope that your participation in the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Poznan wholesale market operations will also leave you with very many pleasant memories! With sincere regards Grzegorz Hempowicz President, WGRO S.A. For registration and logistical information on the Poznan Conference please visit the website: www.wuwmconference.org