WUWM Board of Directors Meets in Prague

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January 28, 2013
The WUWM Board of Directors held its annual ‘winter’ meeting in Prague, Czech Republic from 10-11 January.

Hosted by Josef Podr, Director of Velkotrznice-Lipence s.r.o (Prague Wholesale Market), the WUWM Board met for its annual review of the past 12 months, also taking the opportunity to identify the core activities, programme and budget for WUWM in 2013.

Attending the meeting was WUWM Chairman Torben Flinch (Denmark), the vice Chairman Manuel Estrada-Nora (Spain), and Directors: Donald Darnall (USA), Zengjun Ma (China), Michel Escoffier (France), Grzegorz Hempowicz (Poland), Marcel Verbelen (Belgium), Jean-Paul Auguste (France), Huseyin Eren (Turkey), Torsten Berens (Germany), Jan Lloyd (UK), Timo Taulavuori (Finland) with WUWM Secretary General, Maria Cavit.

On the Thursday evening Josef Podr hosted a dinner to thank the WUWM Board for its five years of friendship and cooperation with Prague Market. Mr Podr, who stepped down from the WUWM Board in the Berlin 2012 elections to open the position for new candidates, also took the opportunity to thank Mr Ladislav Skopal, a Member of the Czech Republic Parliament and the long-time Chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Parliament, for his support and friendship of many years.

Mr Podr informed the participants that he had organised the dinner as thanks for WUWM’s support of the wholesale market, both in its normal operations as well as in its development plans. He made specific mention of the great interest shown in the market by former WUWM chairmen: Carlo Dianzani (Italy), José Augusto (Portugal) and Marc Spielrein (France), with whom he had enjoyed many opportunities to discuss his market’s plans. Mr Podr also paid tribute to former WUWM colleague Wolf Rohde (Germany), recently deceased, acknowledging his “continuous and active approach towards meeting the challenges faced by the wholesale market.”

“Owing to the initiatives of Mr Rohde and Mr Brauer from the German wholesale markets, very effective financial aid for our wholesale market was organised after the devastating floods in 2002. This aid helped our wholesale market very much in the process of remedying the aftermath of that disaster” he said.

Prague market has been a dynamic and active member of WUWM for many years. In 2002 it organised a meeting of the WUWM European wholesale membership, and in 2009 the market hosted, under the auspices of the Prague Mayor, a WUWM conference attended by some 160 delegates from 32 countries.

WUWM Chairman Torben Flinch thanked Mr Podr for his market’s active support of the WUWM over the past 16 years, and expressed gratitude for Mr Podr’s personal and valuable involvement and the continued good collaboration.