WUWM 2013 Market Awards Open for Submission!

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July 15, 2013
Is your market a WUWM member? Can your market offer examples of logistical excellence? Why not enter your market in WUWM’s 2013 Market Awards? It’s easy to apply... see the brochure attached for entry details and contact the WUWM Secretariat if you need further information.The theme for this year's awards is: Logistical Excellence. The deadline for submissions is 6 September 2013. Your submission should be a (maximum) 2,500 word summary of why your market deserves a WUWM Award for logistical excellence. Any programme, project, activity or service referred to in the submission should be current on the market, and not older than 5 years.

Award Judging Panel
The following persons will judge this year’s WUWM Awards:

Marc Spielrein was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Rungis International Market in Paris, retiring after 16 years in this position in May 2012. He was WUWM Chairman from 2002-2004, being a member of the WUWM Board for several years prior to this appointment and remaining active in the WUWM Board thereafter. Mr Spielrein was instrumental in bringing about the establishment of WUWM as an autonomous non-profit entity; formerly operating from 1958-2003 as an associated body within the umbrella of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA). Under his chairmanship WUWM established an independent financial basis, strengthened its membership, creating formal regional and technical working groups. He was also the WUWM European Regional Chairman from 2002-2012 and was awarded a WUWM Honorary Chairman membership in 2003. He continues to actively participate in WUWM.

Graham Wallace is formally the Managing Director of City Markets (Glasgow) LLP. He retired from that position in March 2012 and was subsequently awarded a WUWM Honorary Membership in May 2012. Mr Wallace was active in WUWM for 16 years, he was a Board member for over 9 years, also in the role of WUWM Chairman from 2008-2010, and vice Chairman from 2006-2008. During 2002-2009 he actively participated in the WUWM team which developed the WUWM Guide to Good Hygienic Practice for European Wholesale Market Authorities in the European Union (GPG) and he was also active in developing WUWM activities with its national market associations as well as a technical working group supporting marketing of the wholesale market. He continues to actively participate in WUWM events and activities where possible.

Andrew Shepherd is presently Senior Technical Advisor on Market-Led Development with CTA in the Netherlands. CTA, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, is an EU-funded organization helping develop agriculture in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. Last November Mr Shepherd also organized a major international conference on agricultural value chains, held in Addis Ababa. Mr Shepherd joined CTA after retirement from FAO, where he worked as a marketing specialist for 25 years, ending up in charge of the Value Chains Group. During this time he commissioned and edited several publications on the planning, design and management of wholesale and retail markets and also became known as an author of publications on a wide range of topics including contract farming, market information and inventory credit. He has supervised FAO projects in over 50 countries, including many that developed wholesale, retail and rural markets.