Winners of the 2013 WUWM Market Awards Announced!

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November 2, 2013
The winners of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) gold, silver and bronze 2013 Market Awards were announced during the closing dinner of the 28th WUWM Congress, hosted by the Lo Valledor Wholesale Market in Santiago, Chile on 25 October.

Wholesale markets from every continent of the world competed for a place in these awards which addressed the theme: ‘Logistical Excellence”.

The Spanish wholesale market, Mercazaragoza, won the gold award for both a logistics development and maritime terminal expansion which uses containers for fresh product logistics. The market has successfully developed an intermodal logistics platform which focuses on consolidating the market’s position as an export agri-business logistics platform, contributing to the economic development of its entire area of influence. The project included the development of a large-scale agri-business centre for the region - bringing the presence of various important cooperative groups, agricultural and live-stock entities to the market; the construction of a maritime terminal with intermodal transport infrastructure to promote cool chain produce distribution; and the expansion of the market’s railway facilities – doubling its capacity to receive trains, shorten loading/unloading times, and providing new infrastructure to receive the longest trains in the continent, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs, etc.
The WUWM 2013 Market Award judging panel included Andrew Shepherd, of the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in Wageningen, the Netherlands; Marc Spielrein, a WUWM Honorary Chairman & former CEO/Chairman of SEMMARIS (Rungis International Market), France; and Graham Wallace a WUWM Honorary Member & former Managing Director of City Markets (Glasgow) LLP, UK.

The Silver award went to the wholesale market of Antioquia in Colombia for a new traceable, automated system solution to vehicle control on the market. This RFID system vastly reduced market entry time from around one hour down to 30 seconds per vehicle. The system offers computerised entry payments/tolls/fees, providing an adaptable pay-as-you-go system, negating the need for cash handling whilst increasing usability. It also provides important traffic data regarding frequency, timing, reduced (driver) criminality, improved company ownership data, information on movement of scale, and allows for the generation of control tools to optimise product loading and unloading, offering improvements in customer services as well as the establishment of a business portal offering historical vehicle movement (date, timing, weight, account) statements. The result is a successful and financially beneficial logistical system, improving the efficiency and dynamism of the market.

The Bronze award went to Gangseo Wholesale Market in Seoul, South Korea for a market revitalisation programme using logistical excellence to introduce an efficient school meals programme into the market. The market has built a new partnership with suppliers experienced in school meals; established an effective logistics plan that computerised the entire process from order to supply; resolved issues regarding procurement, inspection and product safety; designed more effective logistics routes for delivery; and provided a follow-up customer service satisfaction plan. In achieving this, the market not only tackled the issue of market by-pass, but also improved the quality and safety of lunch food into 784 schools (2012), increased the market’s profile and collaboration with local producers, and supported (as well as increased) demand for eco-friendly agricultural products.