Athens Market Opens To Children

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January 29, 2014

Children flooded the Athens Central Market on December 21 and 31 last year, to join their parents shopping in the new Athens “Consumer’s Market” (see the 2013 December edition of the WUWM newsletter for more information on this initiative).

During the Christmas holidays, Athens Wholesale Market (CMFO) organized these events to entertain visitors on their premises during the festive season. One of those events was the popular youth band “xanazoo” - a group of musicians dressed like tin soldiers and a folk orchestra - which presented a 4-hour programme hosted by popular Greek actors.

In addition, fruit filled bags were distributed to the children from a specially converted van, supporting the “Bring fruit into your children’s life”, programme which is jointly run by CMFO and the market’s trader association. Each bag contained 4 different fruits promoting increased fruit consumption, especially among the very young. The bags also contained stickers (see picture) depicting the logo of the programme, the CMFO, and WUWM.

The celebrations were so well run and marketed that these events were covered by most of the major Greek television networks. As a result, the Central Market of Athens (CMFO) has been identified as a friendly, fun place for everyone wanting to find a large variety of healthy food at affordable prices.