Sicilia wholesale market offers oranges for export

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February 7, 2014

The Sicilian Producers Association met to discuss the excess production of 50 million kilo of "tarocco" oranges for processing on January 24, denouncing the situation as a "tragic crisis" whereby the market failed to ensure the sale of this production.

Orange market data (source ISMEA 2012) shows production in Italy equals a total of 2,284,000 tons, almost 767 million euros; with 51 % for consumer use, 24% intended for the processing industry and some 20 % being "lost". The loss of 20% of the production and the low export quota of oranges places Italy 10th amongst citrus exporting nations.

The Sicilian citrus industry has invited the institutions involved to defend producers through initiatives supporting production, commercialization, transformation and communication. In particular they ask that the processing industry commit excess production to 'transformation' to ensure economic sustainability; that there be an inter-professional agreement within the processing industry; and that networks of national and international markets establish a roundtable to facilitate the sale of the product.

The Sicilian Producers Association is also committed to using their own risk and resource management in a project towards ensuring the conversion of the product to satisfy consumers.

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