WUWM launches the “International Market Celebration”

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April 15, 2014

The Board of Directors and the Retail Markets section within the WUWM has in this past years considered the convenience of promoting an international day or week to enhance the important role of food markets and bring the attention of authorities (locally, nationally and regionally), and consumers. Last March 10th, a first working meeting on this topic was celebrated in London, chaired by Mr. Jean-Paul August as Chairman of the WUWM-Retail section. The city of London was our venue, as the current experience gathered by NAMBA –National Association of British Authorities- in the development of its “Love your local Market” campaign since 2012 serves as starting point for a wider WUWM “International Market Week”.

What is the “International Market Celebration” WUWM campaign?

The is a joint international celebration promoted by WUWM to be launched in this 2014 with a core of retail markets in some cities. The aim is to include other WUWM member markets and countries in 2015, gradually increasing the number of participating markets in the years to come.

What are the goals of the “International Market Celebration”, for 2014?

The goals of the 2014 celebration are identified as:

  1. To promote the unique relationship between markets of any kind with people,
  2. To promote the general profile and role of wholesale and retail markets nationally, regionally and globally;
  3. To support the retail market presence (at the European level) towards the European Commission and associated funding partners;
  4. To strengthen the wholesale and retail market position in the local government agenda - both nationally and regionally (CEMR –Council of European Municipalities and Regions-, UCLG –United Cities and Local Governments-, etc.,)

When will be the “International Market Celebration” launched?

The official launch of the 2014 International Market Week will be made in the Houses of Parliament in London on 30 April - with all the participating partner bodies invited to attend.

The Parliamentary Reception will be hosted by Ann Coffey MP who is Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Markets Group. It is anticipated that Brandon Lewis, Government Minister for Markets, will be in attendance. There will be speeches from Ann Coffey, the Minister and the Nabma President followed by the signing of the Memorandum.

What activities will be held in 2014 in the framework of the “International Market Celebration”?

In 2014, city markets within the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong and the USA will participate in this first global celebration, along with various cities linked to the following projects supported by the European Union (EU):  Central Markets Project (ending December 2014), Marakanda Project (ending November 2014) and Urbact Market Project (ending April 2015).

How will be the “International Market Celebration” launched?

Participants in the International Market Celebration would be unified under the WUWM umbrella and supported by the project partners: NABMA (United Kingdom), Group Géraud (France), as well as the three currently funded EC projects (above-mentioned).

  • It was agreed that the current UK “Love Your Local Market” logo  would be used by all participants, with the appropriate language translations being made by the participating member countries.
  • A joint press release is agreed to be distributed by WUWM and the partnering bodies.
  • A focus will be given to the market role in protecting SMEs in the 2014-2020 campaigns.
  • The media campaign should be primarily directed at the local level in participating markets in order to reduce any problems related to over-inflated expectation.
  • Markets would be responsible for their own individual campaign websites. However a LYLM campaign portal will be formed on the WUWM website homepage linking to all the participating country/city campaign websites and social media platforms.
  • Support correspondence on the campaign alongside information on the positive impact of markets to local communities and economies will be sent to relevant local and regional government institutions by participating partners, always copied to WUWM.
  • There will be a co-operation agreement (MOU) signed between the participating partners (WUWM, NABMA, Group Geraud and the responsibles of EC financed projects: city of Venice, IMMB Municipality of Barcelona). 

Please find below the entire document in English and Spanish