WUWM Unites ‘Love Your Local Market’ Initiatives

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May 20, 2014

International ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) Celebrations for 2014 are well underway. WUWM member markets and affiliates in various countries are promoting their retail markets using the LYLM logo and marketing campaign strategy which has proven so successful at uniting and promoting markets within the UK over the past few years.

In 2014 Hong Kong joins European markets from the UK, France, Italy and Spain to promote various retail and wholesale markets with the intention of beneficially supporting the growth and development of small and medium sized businesses. These campaigns are most-often initiated by interested market managers and traders who wish to join the growing number of active LYLM campaign supporters, using social media and customer satisfaction to highlight their local market wares and activities.

WUWM member partners in the campaign include French retail market management and consultant company Groupe Geraud; the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA); the Spanish market network Mercasa; the Institute of Barcelona Markets (IMMB); the Link Management Company in Hong Kong; and the City of Venice. Participation is also being received from markets within the following European Commission funded projects: Marakanda (ENPI CBC Programme), European Projects Central Markets (Central Europe Programme), and Urbact Markets (Urbact II Programme).

The French LYLM campaign ‘La Grande Quinzaine des Marches’ kicked off on 100 retail markets in the city of Paris on 16 May and continues until 25 May. These events are receiving good television coverage with market customers receiving chances to win Smartbox® cabinets, gift baskets and shopping carts throughout this period. Visit the website: www.lagrandequinzainedesmarches.com for more information.

In Barcelona the LYLM campaign began 15 May and continues until 7 June on 22 different municipal retail markets in the city. Activities include various workshops for children, food tastings, price promotions, medieval markets, tapas contests, cooking workshops, exhibitions, community project support, karaoke and music concerts, as well as much more. For more information visit their website at: http://estimaelteumercat.cat/

In Hong Kong the international market campaign is being managed by The Link Management Ltd. It began on 17 April and will continue until 15 July with a road show at 7 shopping malls across the Hong Kong territory. The objective of the campaign there is to raise public awareness towards fresh market development and encourage public discussion and solicit ideas. Campaign activities include a road show of revitalised markets within Hong Kong showcasing three newly revamped fresh markets renovated since 2010, and the new design of those market stalls. These new facilities and market design services have been undertaken in collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute of Design. For more information visit their website: www.thelinkreit.com

The outer-Barcelona region also celebrates and participates in this campaign. The Diputacio de Barcelona responsible for these markets has organised a ‘Shopping Night’ for 7 June 2014 and a cooking workshop for children on three separate days in May to celebrate the event.

In the UK over 922 retail markets are celebrating the event which will cover the fortnight May 14 until 28. Markets throughout the country will promote themselves to local consumers via numerous activities and events that highlight markets as a fun and interesting place to shop, with traders offering fresh, healthy and affordable produce, alongside the sale of good-value, attractive non-food items as well. For more information on the UK markets participating in the celebration visit the website: www.loveyourlocalmarket.co.

The City of Torino took part in this international celebration of markets and the Love Your Local Market initiative with a highly-successful event called "Cinema al Mercato", a cinema festival held 8 and 9 May under the roof of the Porta Palazzo farmers' market. The event was organized by the City of Torino and the Conservatoria delle Cucine Mediterranee in the frame-work of the CENTRAL MAR-KETS project, in collaboration with the URBACT Markets project. The event was a huge success, with hundreds of people both nights, especially highlighting the social and cultural role of markets.

Two events will be held in Venice on 29 May. The first takes place in the Organic Market targeting school children with workshops and activities, and the second being a farmers’ market in Mestre (Venice mainland) with activities, workshops and food tasting.

In the city of Veszprém in Hungary on 11 May, some 84 artisans and farmers selling local and regional product (wooden and metal household tools & accessories, jewellery, ceramics, cloths, textiles, flowers, meat, cheese and sweets products celebrated their market with traditional folklore presentations.

In Poland on 17 May a ‘Festival of Krakow Markets’ was organized at Stary Kleparz market with involvement from other Krakow markets including: Plac na Stawach, Rynek Debnicki, Plac Nowy, Unitarg at Hala Targowa, Nowy Kleparz. The hosts of the event appeared on Stary Kleparz to prepare spring salads using only products from these traditional market places.

More information on other international activities being held to celebrate markets will be provided soon. See below for some examples of the activities detailed above. If you are a WUWM member and would like to join a retail market chapter from your country or city please contact Maria Cavit in the WUWM Secretariat.