Winners of the 2014 WUWM Market Awards Announced!

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September 30, 2014

The winners of the 2014 World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Market Awards were announced during the closing dinner of a recent WUWM Conference hosted by the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) from 24-26 September.

Wholesale markets from every continent of the world competed for a place in these awards which addressed the theme: ‘Excellence in real-time market renovation”.

Link Management Ltd won the gold award for its total renovation of the Tin Shui Market in Hong Kong. This traditional market was recently transformed into a new generation market for the 21st century customer. The Euro 1.5million project took place over a 9 month period and was conducted with limited disruption to market activity. It included an integrated partnership model between landlord and tenant, and of particular importance was the high level of hygiene and food safety training successfully supplied to tenants. The result is a retail market with excellent hygiene and food safety conditions.  Retailers were happy to receive improved working conditions and training, with customers happy to have access to the best value produce possible.

The WUWM 2014 Market Award judging panel included Philip Gottwalls, Managing Director of ACDS, LLC in the USA; Bill McElroy, the Managing Director of Turner & Townsend Consulting, UK; and Michel Escoffier, a WUWM Honorary Member and Market Consultant in France.

The Silver Award went to the Maryland Food Centre Authority (MFCA) in Baltimore, USA. This wholesale market has undergone major maintenance work to the tune of Euro 1 million, providing for a mutual engagement of the market management and its 26 tenant companies. A permanent cooperation between tenants, management and contractors was realised during the project to maintain safety and hygiene levels, with over 60,000 square feet of steel structure changed in just 60 days without any disruption to trading activity. The result was satisfied tenants and a project finished within budget.

Two Bronze awards were also given during the ceremony, which was held in the House of Lords in London on Friday 26 September.

The first of those Bronze awards went to the Central Market and Fisheries Organisation (CMFO) in Athens, Greece for its successful project that included a demolition, two relocations and a renovation - an ambitious diversification programme. This Euro 26 million market restructuring project was undertaken without pause in market business activity for the 30 companies based on the market. It ensures the market is in full compliance with European Commission regulation for product of animal origin; reorganised the market’s waste management, traffic flow, and logistical systems; and provided for the total reorganisation of fresh produce on the market. The result was a totally new market adapted to local conditions for market and meat activity.

The second Bronze award was given to Stockholm City in Sweden for its Euro 23million market restructuring project that saw the complete renovation of a half century old retail market. The project resulted in 35% reduced energy costs for the market, increased attractiveness, increased commercial potential, and reduced operating costs at all levels. 

Photo Caption: Left to right: Juan Copovi Mena, Sweden; Michel Escoffier, France; Maria Cavit, Netherlands; Myron Ng, Hong Kong; Ioannis Triantafyllis, Greece; Donald Darnall, and Rose Harrell, USA.