WUWM Farewells its Vice-Chairman

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February 11, 2015

It is with great regret that we take this opportunity to inform our membership that WUWM vice Chairman Torsten Berens will no longer able to accept the positon of WUWM Chairman during the elections in Budapest.

Torsten Berens succeeded Wolf Rohde as managing director of the Hamburg Wholesale Market in late 2007, being elected to the WUWM Board of Directors in 2008. Since 2008 Torsten has been an active member not only of the Board, but also of several technical working groups, as well as an important contributor to ongoing activities within the WUWM European Regional Group. His participation and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

In connection with his appointment to a new positon with in the Hamburg Government this February, Torsten is no longer working for the Hamburg Wholesale Market and consequently will no longer be able to accept the WUWM Chairmanship in May. Further information on the Budapest elections will be sent in a mailing to members later this month.

Please find below a personal message to WUWM members from Torsten directly.

Thank you Torsten for your important contribution to WUWM - as both a member and a Director. We send you all our best wishes for success in your new position!


Dear Members of the WUWM,

This is not an easy task for me, but I should like to inform you of a new development. My application has been successful, so that at the start 2 February 2015 I shall be taking up a position in a new field of work. I have been appointed head of the Department for Forests, Hunting, Equestrian Sports, Fisheries and Crop Protection at the Ministry for Economics, Transport and Agriculture, Hamburg. A successor for my position as managing director of Hamburg Wholesale Market will come in March.

Some time ago I decided, having spent a total of 12 years working in positions associated with markets, to seek a new professional challenge. Originally I planned to make this move later, after the period during which I was to be Chairman of the WUWM. The opportunity to take up the new position I have just mentioned, which covers a very wide range of interesting tasks, has come earlier than planned and I would not like to let it pass. I have only just received the final decision regarding my appointment to the new position.

I am looking forward to this new job, although I thought long and hard about whether to apply at all, because I am still very attached to the Wholesale Market and its unique working environment. I hesitated for quite a while, particularly in view of plans to take over the position of Chairman of the WUWM, because the WUWM has become an important issue for me, both as an organization and on account of the way it works with members from all over the world in the interests of developing a good future for wholesale and retail markets. However, I had to make a rapid response to the opportunity which I have now been offered.

I informed the Chairman and Secretary General and the Board Members in advance. I am really sorry that I will not have the opportunity to say good bye to you all personally during the next WUWM Conference.

I ask your understanding for my personal decision. I will miss you all!

Best regards, Torsten Berens