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February 12, 2015

The first WUWM conference this year will be held in Budapest, Hungary and will take place from 27-29 May 2015. Registration is now open at

The conference will be jointly organized by the Wholesale Market Budapest, Nagybani PIAC, and the Metropolitan Municipality Hall and Market Directorate - an organization of the retail markets operating in the capital of Hungary. István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest notes that the event is “an excellent opportunity for Budapest” and is “delighted to have the chance to present the sites of the Hungarian capital to market professionals coming from all of the world.”

Our hosts are excited to be able to highlight the vegetable and fruit wholesale market: Nagybani PIAC, which covers some 32 ha and caters to Budapest and its conurbation; as well as to introduce the retail markets operating in the city, including the Great Market Hall - chosen by CNN Travel last year as the most beautiful and best market in Europe.

The conference programme features discussions on issues including: market challenges and management solutions; retail market campaigns and marketing; and, minimising food waste on the market. Presentations will also be made by the 2014 WUWM Market Award winners, markets that showed excellence in real time market innovation. Speaker details will be made available on the conference website shortly.

Technical tours will be made to the wholesale market, as well as the central market hall and some additional retail markets in the city. Social visits will be made to the Parliament building, Royal Castle and the Whale Commercial Centre. Delegates will also be treated to a night cruise on the Danube River, as well as a Budapest city tour (Saturday).

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Early-bird registration (Euro 590 for delegates) is available until the deadline expires on 28 February 2015.