WUWM 29th Congress to be held in Campinas, Brazil

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February 9, 2015

The 29th WUWM Congress, the WUWM’s second annual conference for this year, will be held in Campinas, Brazil from 23-26 September 2015.

There are two hosting parties of this event - the Campinas wholesale market, CEASA CAMPINAS and the Brazilian national markets association, ABRACEN.

The arrangements and planning for this event are well underway in Brazil, with WUWM Membership & Information Officer, Natalia Barragan, having recently made a preparatory visit to support that process (pictured here with Mario Gadioli, President of CEASA Campinas, and a market trader). 

Technical wholesale market tours will be made to CEASA Campinas, as well as the Sao Paulo Market - CEAGESP, during this event. There will also be a tour offered to retail markets in Sao Paulo. If you would like more information on the event please do not hesitate to contact the WUWM Secretariat.

We anticipate that the congress website will be on line and open for registration immediately after the Budapest Conference is finished. Congress details, such as the registration fees and technical programme participation, will be approved by members during the Budapest Membership Meeting. More information on the event will be given to members directly then.